Batu Bali bracelet Bingin


1 Bracelet = 1 Rabies Vaccination

How your purchase helps:

1 Bracelet = 1 Rabies Vaccination

2 Bracelets = Help a dog like Max go from naked/furless to fluffy!

5 Bracelets = One dog can get sterilized

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Catch the Bingin wave!

Are you always looking for a thrill? Then this daring deep blue lapis lazuli bracelet is the right fit for you. Whether you wear it at your favorite surf spot in Bali or at home, with this bracelet you'll always be reminded of the chrystal clear waters you love so much.

Why did we choose the name Bingin?

If you’re chasing a perfect left pit then Bingin might just be heaven. The wave at Bingin is short and pretty mechanical, take off, pull in, flick out.

Be aware of the reef!

  • Silver plated nuggets
  • Stunning hand-made bracelet
  • Polished semi-precious deep blue lapis lazuli stone
  • Adjustable luxe metallic lurex thread
  • Comes in signature Batu Bali pouch
Our profits go to Bali dogs in need

We created Batu Bali to support our NGO Bali Paws. This allows us not only to provide medical care to Bali street dogs, but also to support local artisans and even reward your kindness with a beautiful hand-made bracelet. With every purchase you directly support this mission.

Handmade in Bali
by Local Women

Directly Support Bali Dogs &
Cats in Need

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