Bali Paws

What’s Bali Paws?

Just two sisters with a house full of dogs.

We founded Bali Paws to help local animals. It all started about four years ago, when we found a tiny dumped puppy in a trash pile next to a local market here in Bali. We were never „dog people“, nor did we wanted to have a dog. But we couldn’t leave her there either. So we took her in, at that’s how it all started.
If you have ever been to Bali you probably saw the countless sick dogs on the streets. Most people just look away and continue with their vacation or with their lifes. But we couldn’t just ignore the pain of the animals and from there things got a little out of hand. Since there are not a lot of organizations you can turn to for sick animals in Bali we took matters into our own hands took in more and more sick dogs. 

How does Bali Paws help the animals?

Whether the dogs need a regular source of food or medical attention, or both. Bali Paws takes in the sick, the ones who don’t have anyone and the ones who don’t stand a chance of their own. We provide everything the unwanted dogs need and take them to the clinic. Once the (stray) dogs we pick up leave the clinic, we take them home and rehabilitate them. Which basically means work on their fears, integrate them into our pack and show them how it is to live in a home. After that we try to find them the loving homes they deserve. 
It all leads up to us trying to find them a loving furever home. Not just on this beautiful island, but anywhere in the world.

What else do we do?

Over time we realized that we need to find a more sustainable way to stop this “dog dumping” situation here on Bali. That’s when we started to organize monthly sterilization days for local people. Everyone can bring their dog and get him/her fixed so they don’t end up with unwanted puppies, that will again be dumped and lead to even more unwanted puppies.
So even though we are not a shelter (yet our house looks more like a doghouse than a home) and our main focus is on sterilizing and vaccinating as many dogs as possible, we can’t look away if we see an injured dog in need. 
So far, we have covered all the expenses with our private savings. But since our bills are just getting higher and higher we would be absolutely grateful for any help we can get!

We donate 50% of our profits straight to Bali Paws or Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Here is what will happen with donation of your purchase:

With your money we are able to care for sick and hurt stray dogs, but we will do much more:

Sterilization and vaccination days

Every 6-8 weeks we organize sterilization days, where local families can bring their pets and get them neutered and vaccinated for free.
Many people here can’t afford to take their dog/cat to the clinic and often can’t even afford to feed them. That’s where we step in and cover their vet bills or send a doctor to their home. Once a month they also get a big bag of dry food to make sure their pets are not malnourished.
We hope this will eventually put a stop to the overpopulation of unwanted dogs on the streets and lead to people actually looking after their dogs and treating them right

Stray dogs medical care

Sadly, everywhere you go on this lovely island you will notice many stray dogs roaming around. Unfortunately, many of these dogs are in terrible conditions. Sometimes we can treat them with medication right on the spot, but sometimes the injuries are too severe and we have to bring them to the clinic.
The most common diseases found in strays are:
Blood parasites 
Broken legs
Deep open wounds 
While scabies can be easily treated, all kind of tumors and joint issues take longer and therefore the costs are higher. 
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If you’re feeling extra generous, you can always donate to our cause at the veterinarian Clinic of our choice Sunsetvet Bali. This way your donations can go straight towards our Vet bills.
Or help us via our Patreon
Bali Paws rescues and helps Bali dogs 1Bali Paws rescues and helps Bali dogs 2

New homes

Our ultimate goal is to find the lovely dogs a forever home. However most times, we can’t find a good match in Indonesia, therefore some of the rescued dogs find loving homes abroad. As you can imagine this procedure is a little more expensive. 
Follow our journey on Instagram @bali.paws and take part of our #crazydoghouse life and see the amazing transformations of our rescues!

Thank you!