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We are Batu Bali

and we will donate 50% of our profits to a charity to help make Bali a better place

Made for the ocean lovers and dreamers. Made for sun-kissed skin, salty days and long nights. Semi-precious stones that sparkle in the light. Much more than a beautiful keepsake, there is more to every Batu Bali piece than meets the eye.

With a strong focus on ethical production and sustainability, Batu Bali has an important message and the voice to share it. 

We, Desy & Chantal, are lucky enough lead a life on this beautiful island. Bali has welcomed us with open arms and an open heart.

Designed by local artisans and lovingly hand-made in the tropical paradise of Bali, our bespoke jewellery label recognises the importance of giving back to the island that has given us and many others, so much.

We think, when you have more than you need you build a bigger table, not a higher fence!

Batu Bali bracelets are a token that help two of the charities that are very close to our heart:

Bali Paws and Bye Bye Plastic Bags

We donate 50% of our profits to one of these two charities. When buying a bracelet, YOU DECIDE where your donation goes! Just choose the cause you want to support upon check out and help us to make the island a little better.

We support Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Unfortunately Indonesia is the second largest contributor to plastic pollution so Bali’s beaches are not always palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water.

Did you know that 8 million tons of harmful plastic end up in the ocean yearly, and sadly we are all responsible for this. Batu Bali has teamed up with Bye Bye Plastic Bags in a bid to help save the planet.

We founded Bali Paws

If you have been to Bali you probably noticed the heartbreaking situation here when it comes to dogs and cats. So many of Bali’s dogs are starving, sick and injured. Others are dumped and left to die.

Thousands of them live on the streets, where unwanted dogs often get poisoned or shot. They have no regular source of food, water or shelter. Due to a lack of education these poor creatures often get shunned and abused.

We founded Bali Paws to give these poor animals a second chance at life. We provide food, medical care and shelter to those, who need it the most. Learn more about Bali Paws.