Batu Bali Bracelets - Pantai Pandawa - Blue

Pantai Pandawa

Batu Bali

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It's getting rocky!

Hidden behind large caved limestone cliffs you can find Pantai Pandawa. This beach was officially opened in 2012 and has a fast- gaining popularity among local weekenders and international visitors. On the way down to Pantai Pandawa you’ll find deeply carved arches installed with large statues. Make sure to take a picture at one of the view points to capture a shot from above of the turquoise water.

✨ Gold/ Silver- plated nuggets

🙌🏽 Stunning hand-made bracelet

🌊 Polished blue crystal

🧶 Adjustable luxe metallic gold lurex thread

👜 Comes in signature Batu Bali pouch