Batu Bali bracelet Pantai Pandawa silver

Pantai Pandawa

Batu Bali

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It's getting rocky!

But with this stunning polished blue crystal bracelet you are far from rock bottom. The light blue crystal looks especially good on tanned skin and is a flawless finish for the perfect beach look.

Why did we choose the name Pantai Pandawa?

Hidden behind large caved limestone cliffs you can find Pantai Pandawa. This beach was officially opened in 2012 and has a fast gaining popularity among local weekenders and international visitors. On the way down to Pantai Pandawa you’ll find deeply carved arches installed with large statues. Make sure to take a picture at one of the view points to capture a shot from above of the turquoise water.

✨ Gold/ Silver- plated nuggets

🙌🏽 Stunning hand-made bracelet

🌊 Polished blue crystal

🧶 Adjustable luxe metallic gold lurex thread

👜 Comes in signature Batu Bali pouch