Batu Bali bracelet Pantai Padang Bai silver

Pantai Padang Bai

Batu Bali

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Friendly fish!

With this light blue crystal beauty you are sure to attract not only the attention of the fish in the sea. Enjoy a day at Padang Bai and look stunning, while doing it.

Why did we choose the name Pantai Padang Bai?

Padang Bai is the main seaport located in east Bali where ferries and boats take travelers to the neighbor island Lombok. But there is much more to see in Padang Bai. Among the marine diversity are several kinds of reef sharks, stonefish, rays, squids and octopuses, some even say it's the most beautiful beach in Bali.

✨ Gold/ Silver- plated nuggets

🙌🏽 Stunning hand-made bracelet

💎 Polished light blue crystal

🧶 Adjustable luxe metallic gold/silver lurex thread

👜 Comes in signature Batu Bali pouch