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Plastic in the ocean - Batu Bali

Plastic in the ocean - Batu Bali



The trash situation in Bali and Indonesia has gotten a lot of (social) media coverage over recent months, with the video of a diver amongst manta rays in a sea of plastic in Nusa Lembongan going viral all over the Internet, and the recent post by @saltsandandsmoothies portraying the sad reality of once-pristine Bali beaches.




The fact of the matter is that Indonesia is the second largest contributor to marine plastic pollution, and sooner or later the consequences are going to be irreversible. We love our island home and this beautiful country we are privileged to live in, but we want to make a difference. We want our children and grandchildren to spend their days with their toes in the sand, rather than a pile of takeaway boxes and discarded plastic bags.

As heartbreaking as the situation sometimes feels, we believe that taking responsibility is the first step. Reduce your own plastic use when possible: with a little preparation, we can all cut out single-use plastics from our day to day lives. With a few lifestyle changes we stand to save the lives of millions of marine animals as well as protect the planet for future generations!

Organisations like Bye Bye Plastic Bags work tirelessly to increase awareness of the dangers of overloading mother nature with our rubbish. We’ve supported their multiple social enterprises since Day 1. 50% of all Batu Bali profit go straight to the BBPB foundation, and we could not be more proud of being a part of something so exciting and important!

Help us help them and get a Bali bracelet while you’re at it!


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  • Wolfgang Anke

    Ich war gestern im Nationalpark von Bali am Strand und habe dieses Problem auch dort gesehen. Man muss den auf Bali lebenden Menschen dieses Problem immer wieder vor die Augen führen und Sie darauf hinweisen das Plastik für die Natur und Meer nicht gut ist. Ich selber probiere so wenig wie möglich Plastik zu benutzen.
    Wolfgang Anke

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