Bali. Paws and the reality of #islandlife

Batu Bali bracelet girl holding a puppy

About three years ago while at the beach with our dog honey we met this lovely old French lady who was surrounded by dogs. 16 dogs at the time. I remember taking a video for my personal Instagram account where I jokingly wrote : "our house in 5 year”.  

While in reality I just thought “NO WAY EVER! She must be a nut job!” 

Little did I know that only one year later the island of Bali eventually gave us what we weren’t looking for(ward to). There we were, a prime example of the "crazy dog ladies", standing in our kitchen, preparing food for 13 dogs and 4 cats while three neonates were crying for their next bottle of formula.

If you’ve visited Bali already, it’s hard to not notice the many stray dogs and cats roaming the streets, many not in good conditions. They are as much a part of the Bali landscape as the incense offerings outside every shop or the lush greenery of the rice paddies. 

Sadly, the situation here on the island is rather heartbreaking and the laws against animal cruelty barely come into force. 

Traditionally Bali dogs are kept as security rather than an animal that is loved and cared for. Over the years we’ve visited hundreds of local families who have “pets”,  who are very often chained up or caged, malnourished, diseased and regularly hit. They are deprived of proper food, clean water, medical help and any form of love and affection. 

Don’t get me wrong, most of the people here are lovely but absolutely uneducated when it comes to animals. 

Sterilization is cruel to many, yet people don’t want their dog/cat to get pregnant. Once the babies are born, they are often dumped and left to die in a plastic bag (of course!), in rivers, at the beach, in rice paddies, in trash cans and many other places you wouldn’t expect.

Western breed dogs are seen a little differently. They are a status symbol. Not hat their life is any better. They are often used for breeding, kept in a disgusting cage and eventually get dumped as soon as they develop sarcoptic mange (scabies) that can easily be treated and/or any other disease. 

Then there is also: dog meat!

While eating dog meat is not yet illegal, cruelty is and this may include how the dogs are killed.

Free roaming dogs especially are always in danger of becoming victims of the dog meat trade. These poor creatures are caught, muzzled then shot, butchered, hung or poisoned with strychnine on a daily basis.


Since we have the feeling that we should help wherever we can, especially when help is needed right in front of our door we decided that you can decide from now on!


Wether you want to help the environment and support the awesome work BYEBYEPLASTICBAGS is doing or you can donate 50% of profits from each bracelet sold to bali.paws and help dogs and cats in terrible conditions to get back to health and eventually find a loving home. 

Puppy with common 'scabies' disease


Want to know more about @bali.paws and the work they do on the island?!

Hang in there and wait for the next blogpost!


If you are a little like me and not patient enough, head to their Instagram @bali.paws and take part in their solo-rescue-life!



Desy xx

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