And We're Live! Welcome to Batu Bali online

Batu bali is live!
Batu bali is live!

Our website has been live for two weeks now so it's time to shift gears and get our blog started! ✨

We are so excited to give you more of an insight into what Batu Bali is actually all about! 

We love our island life, so we'll be sharing little bits of it here in the blog. You'll get to know our favourite beaches, where we brunch on Saturdays, exactly how much we love animals (hint: A LOT!) and where our weekend adventures take us. We want to use this space to portray our little slice of paradise, as well as to discuss issues that are important to us. Batu Bali was started with the primary purpose of supporting the Bye Bye Plastic Bags foundation, so you can expect a balanced mix of tropical smoothie bowls as well as discourse on the heartbreaking state of the Bali beaches during wet season.

If you haven't already, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates on the #BatuBaliLife! 

🌴 Batu Bali 🌴

Psst! We donate 50% of all profits to Bye Bye Plastic Bags! Get your own Batu Bali bracelets here, and support the amazing work that they do for our planet! 🌏

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